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Elexon Electronics | Electronic Manufacturing
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More than meets the eye


So often visitors come into our production facility at Brendale, in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, and they are surprised.


“Wow! I had no idea you were here and that you make all these amazing things,” is one of the most common reactions.


Much of Elexon’s expertise is indeed hidden from view. You don’t see it because it works perfectly well and helps our products to operate in the way you intended.


Working with our partners to develop great products that achieve expected outcomes is what we do best.


As a high-tech product development company, Elexon values partnerships above all else.


We empower our talented team of engineers and designers to imaginatively and passionately develop great products.


We have developed a range of highly innovative and commercially successful products and look forward to working with you to push the boundaries in product development.

Titley Scientific

Innovative and accurate wildlife tracking equipment including the globally renowned Anabat range of bat detectors.

Elexon Mining

Elexon Mining partners with industry leaders to develop effective ground movement measuring systems for a range of mining applications.


TPS has a 30 year heritage in the design, manufacture, sales and serving of precision water testing instrumentation for accurate and reliable quality management.


WAYO is a mobile digital sign designed by Elexon to offer businesses utmost flexibility in position and content of walk-by signage.