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Elexon Electronics | Wireless Ground Movement Monitoring
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Wireless Ground Movement Monitoring

Mining & Civil Engineering Industries

Elexon’s mining division, Elexon Mining, provides the world’s best tracking instrumentation for measuring ground movement in underground and surface mines, as well as in the Civil Engineering sector.


Working with some of the worlds peak mining companies, including Rio Tinto, Newcrest Mining, Chevron and BHP Billiton, Elexon Mining has developed solutions that enable active management of the ore body, helping to improve safety and productivity management. Elexon Mining has also developed subsurface sensors that will measure tilt and pore pressure to assist open pit mine operators to proactively manage their mines and be in a better position to predict failures that can endanger life and mine assets.


Elexon Mining is actively designing and manufacturing new products to further support proactive mine management, and partners with research organisations such as Mining3, CSIRO and various universities to develop and test value-adding technologies for modern mines.

Elexon Mining’s Product Range Includes:

Smart Marker System

The Smart Marker System comprises a collection of wireless, robust electronic markers that are embedded in the ore body of a block or sublevel cave mine to track ore flow.


During the mining process the embedded Smart Markers come out of the draw point and are detected by a Smart Marker Reader that is installed near the ore extraction point. The data recorded helps mine operators to analyse ore recovery and gain valuable insights into ore flow; effectively giving them a set of ‘eyes into the mine’.

Networked Smart Markers

Networked Smart Markers are a robust and reliable alternative to Time Domain Reflectometers for measuring the location of the Cave Back.


Understanding the cave back position is critical for managing the propagation of the sublevel cave until it breaks through. The risks of uncontrolled caving include air blast, resource sterilisation and excessive waste ingress.

Cave Tracker

The Cave Tracker System is a world-first technology that enables monitoring of ore movement while it is still in the cave. This ability provides near real-time data to allow mine operators to analyse the behaviour of caves and actively manage cave propagation and extraction.


The Cave Tracker System is in an advanced prototype stage and has been validated in two cave mines. The results are highly encouraging and the measured data is already being used to complete the mine’s understanding of what is happening in the cave.

Geo4Sight: Wireless Subsurface Monitoring for Challenging Environments

Elexon Mining has developed Geo4Sight; a wireless subsurface monitoring system for challenging geotechnical environments where the use of cabled monitoring systems is impossible, impractical or unreliable. Geo4Sight is initially offered as two distinct solutions:


Geo4Sight Tilt: Real-time, wireless subsurface movement monitoring.

Detect and manage ground movement to reduce the likelihood of failure, or reduce the impact of a failure, in challenging environments where traditional cable-based systems don’t perform.


Geo4Sight Pressure: Real-time, wireless pore pressure monitoring.

Gives you greater insight into hydrological conditions in challenging environments where regular cabled systems fail or have serious limitations.