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Elexon Electronics | Electro Chemical Testing Equipment
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Electro Chemical Testing Equipment


Trading under the business name of TPS, Elexon helps its customers to protect and preserve the worlds most precious resource…water.


TPS manufactures water testing instrumentation for pH, Redox, Specific Ions, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Temperature measurement for research and industry. From basic hand-held units right through to our high performance laboratory and process control models, TPS instruments have a reputation for reliability and accuracy.


Elexon bought TPS in 2014, at which time TPS had operated for over 30 years. TPS is one of Australia’s most well regarded electro chemical equipment manufacturers.

Read more about some of our technology applications below


TPS develops and manufactures a range of instruments to help hydroponics facilities monitor and control vital water quality. TPS instruments have a reputation for reliability and the ability to last many years, even under the harshest conditions.


In aquaculture, having reliable and accurate readings is a critical part of quality control. Even in unforgiving conditions, TPS instruments perform and when support or service is needed the local TPS team is always on hand to help.


TPS’ laboratory instrumentation offers reliable and accurate readings of a range of parameters for myriad applications. The laboratory products offer the benefit of being waterproof, easy to use and come with one-touch calibration.