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Elexon Electronics | Key Personnel
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Key Personnel

Pieter Kuiper, Managing Director

Pieter has a track record of world-class product development. He has implemented efficient but rigorous engineering processes, and has built engineering teams in four companies: Fokker Space and Systems (now Dutch Space), Ai Scientific, Boeing Australia and now Elexon. Each of these teams has achieved outstanding results.

Leigh Bateman, Technical Director

Leigh Bateman has extensive skills in electronic design and IT management and has a strong track record of producing effective designs to a low manufacturing cost. Leigh founded IEDEC, which was a predecessor to Elexon, and continuous to have an active role in technical and business design and management.

Frank Faller, Operations Manager

Frank has over 25 years¹ international experience in high performance electronics manufacturing including more than 10 years leading manufacturing operations. He has worked with world-leading firms such as Siemens, Bosch, Porsche and Thales and has in-depth knowledge of product development and cost-efficiencies to ensure profitable manufacturing of both new and existing products.

Simon Steffen, Product Manager Elexon Mining

Simon leads Elexon Mining to help mining companies better manage precious underground resources. He values collaboration and works closely with major mining companies and international research partners. His focus is to develop world-first and leading edge ground movement monitoring technologies for safer and better performing operations.

Dean Thompson, Business Manager Titley Scientific

Dean leads the Titley Scientific team, developing innovative new products for the bio-acoustics monitoring field. Dean has over 10 years experience in electronics & product design. He is passionate about working with end-users to develop easy-to-use products that allow them to focus on achieving results, rather than be perturbed by their equipment.