Elexon Electronics applies for DISP membership


Cyber-security upgrades across the Elexon Group have been made to meet Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) requirements. We spoke to Elexon Electronics’ Security Officer, Alan Maher, to better understand the upgrades.


Q: Elexon Electronics has applied for DISP membership. What does it mean for the company, Alan?


A: Elexon Electronics has started on the journey to enter the Defence-manufacturing sector and we’ve already been approached by numerous Defence Primes. For this reason, we need to comply and become eligible to hold a membership with the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP).


The DISP streamlines all the security services and protects Defence information and assets. It’s all about protecting IP and making sure we meet all of their security requirements.


DISP isn’t always required, depending on the work being done, but in our case, membership is needed so we can engage with Defence for a range of work.


Q: How will DISP membership benefit the Elexon Group, its customers, and the wider manufacturing industry?


A: Risk assessment and quality management are the fundamental elements of our business. We endeavour to keep becoming more agile, forward-thinking and rise above industry standards.


Elexon is well placed to meet all of these challenges, working together with other like-minded companies in the Defence/Oil and Gas/Mining and Medical spaces.


We’ve engaged cyber experts and started preparation for DISP ‘Entry Level’ implementation and Cyber Security Assessment for Elexon Electronics.


The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected production for so many Australian businesses. We believe that Elexon can help with the economic recovery by generating jobs, business income for related sectors, and exports.


Q: What levels of DISP are there and what stage is Elexon Electronics at?


A: We are at the entry-level at this stage. We have been audited with the last improvements to be done by the end of April.