Elexon Mining takes Geo4Sight to next level

Elexon Mining continued to innovate behind the scenes last year, enhancing its existing product range of sub-surface wireless monitoring systems with the latest technology and engineering approaches.

 A key objective, as mentioned in Peter’s executive update, was expanding operations in new and existing locations, but on top of that Elexon Mining worked hard to improve its wireless systems.


The next-generation Geo4Sight is an ongoing project here at Elexon Mining, with countless engineering and testing hours already behind it, but we are confident it’s going to be the world’s most advanced sub-surface wireless monitoring solution for a range of mine types. 


A robust and reliable Industry 4.0 monitoring system is coming for Geo4Sight, offering long-range (>10m range per hop under typical rock lithography) markers and extended battery life.

The next-generation Geo4Sight system will also be easier than ever to install and offers even greater ongoing operational simplicity and reliability.

The simplified installation process will be backed by improved software, to ensure real-time monitoring is easier and more convenient than ever. 

 An advanced early detection system for threshold monitoring will also be offered, greatly improving safety and reducing downtime. 


At Elexon Mining, we are constantly striving to simplify our geotechnical monitoring solutions, from setup to software.

We are excited about the next generation of wireless subsurface monitoring solutions and endeavour to remain the leader in this space. 

Stay tuned for updates on the next generation of Geo4Sight!