Successful ISO 9001 surveillance audit

Elexon Electronics has successfully passed the external ISO 9001 audit conducted by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assessment (LRQA) again as it has done each audit since the company was launched in 2006.

The Quality Management System (QMS) is fundamental to Elexon’s successful reputation as a highly professional manufacturing and engineering partner.

However intimidating external audits may seem because they determine your certification status, we always see them as opportunities to learn about our organization: its strengths and weaknesses,” said Elexon CEO, Frank Faller.

ISO 9001 standards were introduced as soon as the company was established in 2006. Pieter Kuiper and Leigh Bateman, the two owners of Elexon, immediately implemented an effective QMS into the company’s processes. The following year, Elexon successfully passed their first external audit and became certified in 2007.  The QMS has been successfully maintained and the company has met the three-yearly ISO 9001 audit ever since with exceptional results.

Elexon Electronics has always demonstrated a very high level of commitment and understanding of the principals of ISO 9001 to ensure a correspondingly high level of compliance and customer satisfaction,” said LRQA auditor, Susan Smith.

Elexon has recently engaged with customers from the Defence industry. Their requirements for product quality, and internal processes and procedures, are much higher than those of other industries. For this reason, we have set ourselves a goal to complete the next level of certification called AS 9100D by the end of 2021. AS 9100D works in conjunction with ISO 9001, and represents industry standards with added requirements specific to the aerospace industry. On top of this development, Elexon also plans to become compliant with the Environmental Management System under ISO 14001 within the same time frame.