The Elexon Group environmental commitment

We believe we all have a responsibility to our community and the environment. This isn’t something we just talk about,  it is something we believe and act upon.


To contribute to a sustainable future and ensure that we can continue doing what we do for as long as possible, Elexon Electronics has established social and environmental impact objectives.


These objectives align with our Mission Statement and are linked to risks and opportunities identified in internal and external analysis. These objectives support decision-making about company strategy, processes and procedures, purchasing, giving practices, and other aspects of running the business.


Our social and environmental impact  objectives are intended to make

a positive and meaningful impact in the community.


Elexon Electronics scores ISO 14001


We are proud to announce we passed our external ISO 14001 audit, as well as being awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) international standards.


ISO 14001 verifies that our environmental management system is in-line with best practice.


The criteria for the audit centred around our core processes, company outputs and identification and management of environmental impacts.


Elexon Electronics CEO, Frank Faller, said the achievement was an exciting milestone for the business.


“Time flies and a year of work will soon be history. We are very proud of Elexon’s success in every quality assessment,” Frank said.


“The new year means a new starting point, new opportunities, new challenges.

“With ISO 14001 certification, we will not be complacent, but will humbly continue to improve every aspect of the company,” he said.


Our new Quality Manager, Kylie Warren, will oversee the ongoing development of the environmental management system to ensure we continually improve.