Titley Scientific bat detectors

Our favourite bat detection experts at Titley Scientific (one of the Elexon sisters) completed the the first production runs for the new Chorus recorder, an ultrasonic and acoustic wildlife recorder designed to record bats, birds, frogs and other vocalising mammals.

The Chorus is an advancement on Titley Scientific’s suite of bat detectors, allowing ecologists to record audible and ultrasonic frequencies in one deployment, and it’s got our best battery life yet (40 nights on 4 AA batteries).

The product development took twelve months. The first units have now been shipped to customers.



Titley Scientific are also holding one of their popular Anabat Insight Advanced Skills workshops on March 10.

The workshop aims to ‘make what appears to be complicated, very easy, with rave reviews from previous attendees!

Covering decision trees, advanced searches and more, the event runs for two hours and is hosted on Zoom.


The cost is just $30 and the only pre-requisite is that punters have attended a basic or intermediate in-person workshop or have a strong existing understanding of Anabat Insight.

The workshop is presented by ecologist Kristen Thompson, who will provide tools for use of the full spectrum and zero crossing analysis software Anabat Insight.

It does not cover bat species identification, but does give you the tools to help your analysis!

The workshop will cover:


  • Creating filters
  • Running advanced searches
  • Developing decision trees
  • Semi-automated workflow


There is time for a Q&A session to ensure you have your tricky or specific questions answered, and resources are provided that you can use after the workshop to further improve your skills or get additional help.


Previous participants have thoroughly enjoyed the Titley Scientific workshops,  with comments like:

“It was great to learn more advanced techniques and quicker ways of doing things!”


“It was very well organised,  with lots of info, links, and clear instructions beforehand to help it run smoothly.”

Spots are limited and generally book out quickly, so register here!