TPS supports STEM education




TPS, one of the key members of the Elexon Group of Companies, recognises the importance of close collaboration between industry and schools.

TPS staff are encouraged and supported to venture out and support their local communities and TPS Engineering Manager, Greg Smyth, does this by working with a different school each week, to support and progress vital STEM education.


Greg recently presented environmental testing equipment, donated by TPS, to the next generation of STEM students at Kelvin Grove State College.


The equipment will be used to educate the next generation of STEM experts and we hope to see some of these students out in the field in the years to come.


Environmentally friendly TPS packaging

Another exciting development at TPS  is the move away from environmentally harmful single-use plastics! Six months ago, TPS decided to ditch all single-use plastics in packaging material, opting instead for paper shock absorbing bubble wrap, paper void fill materials, and paper box tape.


The environmentally conscious move aligns with one of the Elexon Group’s core values — “Consider the environment in all decisions.”