Visit us at Electronex on 5th-6th April 2022 in Sydney




Electronex is Australia’s only dedicated event for the electronics sector. Now in its 12th year the Expo brings together leading suppliers of products, equipment and services to meet with engineers, designers and system integrators to see, test and compare the latest technology and to discuss their specific requirements and solutions with industry experts.

At Electronex, Elexon Electronics will be presenting its latest manufacturing equipment upgrade.

Come and meet our team on stand D6!

Our Brisbane-based manufacturing facility has been recently extended to include cutting-edge 3D AOI, flying probe, conforming machine, selective soldering and PCB cleaning. Now that almost all new pieces of equipment are up and running, we can’t wait to showcase what we can do with it all at Electronex 2022, to support our existing and future customers.

Elexon’s Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Facility includes:

The Koh Young Technology Zenith2 is one of the most advanced true 3D AOI machines and another exciting addition to the Elexon Electronics facility, combining advanced vision algorithms and high-resolution 3D optics.

A major benefit of the Zenith2 is simplicity of use with AI-driven programming, offering up to a 70% reduction in programming time.

The SPEA 4060 S2 Flying Probe Tester was purchased for component testing, offering dual-side flying probing, as well as the option to use fixed probes, bed-of-nails, and more.

Another reason for choosing the 4060 S2 is its ability to test large boards, up to 20kg in weight, with high accuracy and rapid test times.

An Inertec CUBE.460 selective soldering machine allows Elexon Electronics to move from manual through-hole soldering to precise machine automated selective soldering; reducing manufacturing costs and guaranteed quality

Not only is manual labour removed from the soldering process, reducing time and eliminating human error, the CUBE.460 allows Elexon Electronics to solder complex PCB’s.

Precise cleaning requires a high-quality PCB cleaner and for this reason, Elexon Electronics recently invested in an MBtech NC25E PCB cleaner, to enhance and automate PCB cleaning capabilities.

A patented filtration system provides precise and efficient cleaning of PCB’s after reflow, and the use of an aqueous solution makes it possible to separate residues, ensuring a 100% closed-loop cleaning process to meet environmental demands.

Elexon Electronics has also acquired a Mycronic MYC50, replacing existing coating methods with a high-speed, high-precision solution.

The Mycronic MYC50 allows for the automation of high-performance conformal coating, for complex PCB’s.

All of the recent upgrades come together to form the backbone of Elexon Electronic’s Industry 4.0 manufacturing facility – a move made by the company to prepare for a serious push into the Defence manufacturing sector.

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