Elexon Electronics is a Brisbane-based innovation company that specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of a diverse range of electronic products for niche export markets. These include high-tech electronic products for our own niche markets as well as for external OEMs.

At Elexon we are a team of passionate innovators. We innovate for – and on behalf of – our customers and the industry as a whole. We know that improvement is a constant process and we pursue it daily in everything we do to optimise efficiency. Because we’re an agile team, we’re faster at transforming innovation into reality.

Elexon Electronics was formed in 2006 when it purchased the expertise of electronics company IEDEC Pty Ltd. IEDEC operated very successfully for over 12 years with Leigh Bateman as director before the transition to Elexon Electronics. Leigh remains a co-director of Elexon Electronics bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and an experienced team of specialists in the electronics industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to to continuously develop and improve our manufacturing methods to ensure the highest-quality end products to our customers, while striving to make them the leaders in their respective industries. To guarantee our continued success we strive to be the leader in our industry through our company culture of dedication, collaboration, innovation, and integrity.

Our Vision

By capitalising on our competitive strengths in our existing and emerging sectors, Elexon Electronics will be a recognised global leader, nationally and internationally, for its advanced manufacturing technologies, products, services and people.

X-Ray Inspection SEC 5100F

Our Values

  • Our approach is all about shared success and collaboration with our clients, to create a depth of understanding that drives innovation and enhanced performance for all.

  • We value-add through clever engineering and customised solutions that deliver competitive advantage, absolute precision, enhanced ease and increased productivity.

  • We work with clients to design and deliver quality products that will boost their competitive advantage.

  • Real partnership: working as an extension of partner teams in the long-term, providing ongoing support and continuous value.

Do you have a vision?

We can help you get there.